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Pneumonia First Line of Defense Symptoms Onset Therapy

Pneumonia is a life-threatening illness that claims an astronomical amount of lives. Over 3 million people are struck with Pneumonia every year and its statics claim over 40,000 lives from infants, children and over age 65 are the most susceptible. This episode offers first-line Defense that may combat onset symptoms with easy at-home methods to practice a proactive approach to prevent the common illnesses from escalating into pneumonia. Symptoms identify the most common signs, the seasons and the reasons. Individuals with upper respiratory issues are vulnerable to Pneumonia. Knowing the symptoms of other bacteria, viruses and fungi can offer a heads-up to preventing escalation into Pneumonia.

Use these easy ideas and home methods to combat as your first line of defense to prevent and or stop bacteria, viruses and fungi in its tracks. Some of the easiest practices become overlooked with everyday routines and busy lives. Making a living comes with a great deal of stress and dealing with guarding ourselves and our families against germs that are harmful. Pneumonia commonly develops from flu, bacterial virus, RSV, SaRs, Covid-19 and even develops while being treated for a minor or major issue in a medical facility. The inexperienced individual to the most experienced individual can be struck down so combating and guarding exposure is the first line of defense. This podcast covers a vast array of information. Coats, Shoes, Eyewear, Cellphones and Vapors are the most common transferring items and we even talk about the areas in the home that should have focused on cleaning every day to prevent the spreading of germs in the home to each member and carrying out of the home as well. Visit read the blog while you are there and be sure to follow. Affiliate Links assist in covering expenses to support the show thank you for your support. Dry Cleaning Kit A six-piece Kit of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Spray Value Pack Bundle and for Lens Cleaner Spray Kit - Alcohol & Ammonia-Free


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