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Field of Dandelions

About Shop, School, Herbalist


Hello and Thank you for visiting Dandelion's Website where you will find an array of quality handmade, hand packed on-site products. If it's not made by Herbalist/Apothecary Elizabeth G. Morgan or meets Dandelion's quality checklist from other professionals, then Dandelion does not carry it, use it or recommend it.


The Shop

Dandelion began as a dream and with the strength of God became a retail location known as Dandelion Soap & Herb Shop, owner and operated by Elizabeth G. Morgan; who is by birth, a traditional, accidental herbalist.


The Herbalist

Elizabeth was raised on a farm in Stokes County in the foothills of Pilot Mountain. Her grandmother and mother were the "Doctor's" in the family. Since she was a child, her fascination with the ole timey remedies remained her life, but lead her to explore further explanation of "Why that particular plant, tree, method or curious cure?" worked. The one thing she knew, is that these beautiful growing plants and trees around us were our medicine, our freedom to breath oxygen and our food source that contained the ability to heal our bodies, rectify our systems and keep our bodies, mind, and spirit in a state of wellbeing, as long as we knew how to use them.

to spreading the word. Her knowledge and understanding of alternatives to health, ailments, diseases, limitations and any symptom that limits a person from feeling their best and being their best on every day Elizabeth has been publicly practicing since 2003 just before she opened her retail location and has shared her knowledge through person to person contact, workshops, guest speaking, and teaching. Pursuing her mission to educate everyone she talks to about the sustainable knowledge of plants, remedies and healthy uses of herbs, aromatherapy, diet, routine adjustments and curious cures all her life. In 2003, practicing full-time dedicating her life on a daily base because she is truly doing what she loves. Elizabeth believes and says, "Its what God put her on Earth to do, to be an Herbalist and help where I can".


The School

Dandelion School of Herbs was formed in 2009 located inside the retail shop of Dandelion Soap were many students have come to learn Traditional Herbalism, Herbal Basics, All About Herbs, Wild Eatables, Natural Cleansers, Soap, Candle and Natural Body Care. Originally students were taught privately one on when by the request of students and colleagues, a school was formed to allow small groups to enroll and learn together. Since then many have gone on to pursue careers and open their own businesses with the knowledge they gained in attending Dandelion School of Herbs, since 2009


Dandelion has grown in many ways and experienced changes from relocating to the recession and is still going strong thanks to the support of customers who have remained committed to coming back and recommended others.


New Location

In 2013 Dandelion Soap & Herb Shop relocated to its quaint Amish style barn building located on the residential property of Elizabeth G. Morgan in Germanton, NC. The shop welcomes retail customers Tuesday-Saturdays daily and hosts workshops, identifying wild eatables and herbal gardens for viewing throughout the year.


New Services

Recently House Call services are now being offered to further Elizabeth's mission in furthering the knowledge and use of all-natural herbal cures to make it even more convenient for those seeking alternatives in their home. She states that making a person as comfortable as possible plays a large part in their healing and there are many who are not able or may be limited to visit in person. She says that by offering this service a more willing to try alternative methods of treatment, as long as its private or wouldn't require them to leave their comfort zone. Traditionally it was very common in days gone by for a doctor or midwife to visit in person making house calls and Elizabeth feels that the disconnection and sterile, impersonal service has left most of the world feeling uncared for and that they are on their own in trying to become well because they have to settle for what they can get. Many suffer chronic symptoms, sickness, pain, and complaints because they are unable to afford to see a doctor and/or purchase medications. She says that by offering the house call service that many will find it more affordable and will know that someone is concerned and wants to help them be well. Visit the "Contact Me" page to request more information, by email or call direct.


Special Thanks

I want very much to express my thanks and gratitude to every single customer, and connection I have made over the years! Without you all, Dandelion would not exist and would not have been able to sustain. Thank you for support and I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.


Feel free to call or contact the shop and visit in person. Find information and directions on "Contact Me"  page.




































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