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5 Senses Little Things Mean A Lot

Little Things Mean a lot using our 5 Senses is natural instinct at work. Senses for seeing smelling hearing tasting and touching. Five senses in the human body can improve relationships balance our minds ease pain create harmony and most of all improve quality of life. Truly using the abilities of the senses for benefits that pay off for years to come. Just Dandy Podcast covers gift ideas using the 5 senses that you may find easy to think of the next time you need to get a gift. The nose can smell the eyes can see the ears can hear and the mouth can taste and of course, we can touch to feel. Herbal Teas are great year-round with several common and custom-made selects found at Dandelion Soap. Most think of purchasing a gift for someone as a way to show our thoughtfulness when the answer is often doing something with interest and giving attention. TLC (tender loving care) is what so many desire the most and yet it is the least thought of in consideration of gifts or rather giving in general. We all have the ability to increase our paycheck, improve our love life, improve relationships, advance in our career or start a business, get a better understanding of our children, friends, family, neighbor and co-workers because we have 5 senses. Those who may have lost one of their senses find extra sensitivity in the remaining 4 senses; God works like that you know.


Using the Smell sense lets us identify with our favorite foods and drinks all the way down to our wax melts and candles including the newest rave of aroma diffusers.

Using the Hearing sense we all can be lifted by music, become excited and set the tone and mood for a party, gathering, concert, romance, Sunday drive, work commute, conferences, exposes and more. Shopping can be exciting at Christmas Time with all the music as well as all Holidays have that cool, crisp and jingle bells in the songs.

Using the Taste Sense every single day so well that we begin thinking of breakfast before dressing ourselves, once again lunch and supper. We love to eat and eating we must! Our taste sense lets us know right away if we like the food and drink. It's not only our most used sense but a must-have sense for surviving.

Using Touch Sense in an instant we identify rough, soft, sincerity and serine from warm blankets to loving touch and a firm handshake to name a few.

Our senses are the keystone of human instinct. Plugging into and taking notes we can truly improve areas of our lives. Noting what those around us like and dislike are the signs we should follow to connect and use as true gifts to give the gifts that make like worthwhile. You know what a friend likes by the way they respond to their senses the same as a child reacts when you teach them and show them things while they develop. Right away you can tell likes and dislikes based on the response of the senses.

Tapping into your senses instinctively you can identify with someone's reactions when they use their sense responses. You can use this observed information to connect to individuals in such a way as to increase your paycheck simply using that basic information. A great example is you notice a co-worker drinks Herbal Tea on their break, right away you could inquire for additional information to their like and dislike. Now let us entertain the idea this coworker is the boss or the secretary of someone you would like to get an appointment with. And by a sheer act of sincere kindness, this could very well be your opportunity to get an appointment. Another example is we have lost connection to understanding our children and taking notice of their likes and dislikes can make you into their hero. Often our Children's interests change rapidly, so it is safer to inquire to get more information and then you can better access the best way to connect to them on interests. Use your parental instinct and those 5 wonderful senses. The music they enjoy may sound like something crazy to you, however, when you actually listen to their favorite songs most of the time it is a song you loved and it's been remade to suit your kid's taste. The song didn't change only the sound of the music notes. Yes, there is hope for you in that moment of Ureka!

There is so much to learn about using our senses and now you have an understanding of how you can use them to help you to better yourself and the bonus wins some friends, show some love and have a higher quality of relations in everyday life. So much more can be found by listening to the podcast of the 5 senses so check it out on Just Dandy Podcast. Sign up for the Newsletter for regular updates too.

For Information about Sponsorship, Interviews, or collaborations connect with Elizabeth click Here or email: and use the subject line for clarity to prevent deletion of your inquiry. Dandly Yours, Elizabeth G Morgan


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