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Peanuts Super Snack Food to Promote Healing Bones and Muscles Nutrition Facts

Peanuts contain 828 calories per one cup full based on USDA containing nutrients for a true powerhouse of nutrition that supplies the body systems from enriching the blood and power boost of energy. This excellent source of protein, iron, magnesium and potassium to name only the larger nutrients.

Trace minerals and vitamins can be found with the exact amount by google "Peanuts"; a most powerful Legume of the pea family. Adding peanuts to any trail mix can offer a super snack comfort food that is both beneficial for healthy individuals, diabetics and those who want to fight high cholesterol and high blood pressure too. Peanuts have good fat content with a small amount of saturated fats from roasting peanuts since they can not be digested raw.

Peanuts are Super Snacks that double as comfort food. Protein-Rich peanuts are jammed full of Magnesium Potassium and mend your bones and muscles, torn tendons and rebuild the body inside to outside with this super Food; peanuts. Diabetics know about the need for protein and a balance of sodium and sugars plus those who combat blood pressure. Those with arthritis can mend a body well by eating peanuts and will find the energy they seek.

Trail mix is only one known super fat food that is a protein-enriched snack. These healthy snacks can assist every diet for fast super snacks like peanut butter and crackers also knabs and the famous PBJ of peanut butter and jelly or perhaps jam. Survival Food and workout snacks peanuts should be a go-to.

This video tells how peanuts provide health benefits for your body assist with time restraints to eating right and offer some ideas to add this healthy snack to busy lifestyles. Workouts benefit from all the vitamins and nutrition peanuts have.

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