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How to Get Rid of FLEAS (Family Ties) Pets

Our Pets are part of the family and fighting the fleas can be frustratingly impossible. Use these simple remedies in your home such as; Salt and Pinesol. A few tips and tricks clever use including a hack that will surprise you to combat fleas and even those stink bugs. Use these remedies to get rid of Stink Bugs too quickly and easily without a mess. These really are a one and done for at least 7-10 days. Best of all... These methods work, are VERY SAFE more effective too!

Essential Oils are used as Deterrents such as Cedar EO, Lemongrass EO, Rosemary EO and Marigold. Placing these Essential oils onto a cotton ball and place strategically can help. I warn against overuse since some essential oils can have adverse effects on Humans and Pets in the pure form plus essential oils can damage certain porous surfaces too.

Here is a list of items you can use:

Tie a flea collar inside vacuum bags with a string to use while vacuuming and then you can easily remove prior to disposal of the bag which should be done after every use to prevent fleas from escaping and newborns reinfesting your home.

Sprinkle salt onto carpets and rugs to dry up the larva to prevent those from hatching.

Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder this caustic clay dries up larva and cuts fleas apart to prevent the infestation too. Very effect on any bugs and pests, again read precautions and best methods of use.

Use Boric Acid (Borid) can be purchased that is premixed and ready for use. Be sure to read recommendations of site areas and amount of use and any precautions in using. Boric Acid is very effective on many bugs and pests and safe for pets too.

To Hear details of these and more information listen to Just Dandy Podcast


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