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Fight Cravings with High Fiber Healthy Carbs

Fighting cravings especially the sweet tooth can be due to the body in need of sugar, hydration and shortage of protein, trace nutrients and certain vitamins. Try adding these staples that are available year-round to aid the body and fight cravings. These contain fiber and healthy complex carbohydrates. What does this mean? Foods high in fiber help the body by absorbing toxins from the bowels and blood steam while healthy carbohydrates give the body an efficient amount of powerhouse vitamins, nutrients and sugars that keep the body's energy needs balanced. These benefits yield Mental Balance, restorative sleep and robust energy. Try incorporating these staples into your diet for these added benefit nutrients.

  1. Apples

  2. oranges

  3. lemons

  4. celery

  5. onions

  6. cabbage

  7. bananas

  8. tomatoes

  9. carrots

  10. potatoes

Additionally, these contain loads of Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. A tip for Mental Balance is to switch the channel. When you receive that phone call or interruption of those talking about all their ailments, problems, woes, just try to end the call or change the subject. Negative input can affect your thoughts and have you feeling down and conflicted. Staying away from the News and negative conversations will improve your mental balance. Dust off your Library card and make reading your new hobby. Reading is fundamental to your mental balance. Listen to podcasts, starting with and many others that can be found on Spotify, AmazonTunes, Itunes and Iheart Radio too. Find out more by clicking the link and listening. Think of Just Dandy Podcast as your Audio Newsletter.


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