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DIY Vintage Man in the Moon Wall Plaque

How to Make the Vintage Main in the Moon using these printables for a Do-it-Yourself project for all ages from beginner to pro is shown on the channel using Mod Podge transfer onto wood. Select any size wooden round to create a Man in the Moon piece that has withstood time as still a commonly desired decor piece in homes. This piece is known as vintage from old publications and illustrations including many advertisements and products still used today. The Man in the Moon fits all home decor tastes due to the nostalgia and we all love the moon. The moon is the flashlight to offers light to us all and even controls the oceans, seasons and our moods.

Find two different Man in the Moon resizeable prints posted

and remember to right-click on the image to download to your device whether mobile tablet or computer.

Find the video this creation to be helpful in how the finished piece has been made and be sure to leave comments and of course share with a friend. Consider using it as a gift for those who love the moon as much as I do. Here are some other ideas; wall plaques, door hanging, T-shirts, ornaments, coasters, party themes and Vintage Nostaliga. Find more ideas here by signing up for the mailing list and following the Dandysoap DIY YouTube channel

Dandysoap DIY is listed on social media channels find us there too.


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