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DIY Christmas Jars are the Gift

Often during the Christmas season, we are distracted by all that glitters when just beyond the sofa into the Kitchen where comfort lies is the Gold that truly can glitter. Beauty comes from within once we place our hearts into creations and these glass jars, glass bottles and jugs are perfect examples. A one-gallon plastic jug can be filled with many wonders so much that you'll be excited looking for more wonders and many ideas. The sudden urge to locate huge gallon jugs will take over and your imagination will keep your mind soaring with ideas proving that all that glitters is golden within your home stock. Share these ideas on pretty papers and ribbons, recipes, poetry, ink stamps, cookie cutters and so much more.

These Free Printables were used in DIY Christmas - Jars are the Gift click to see the full tutorial. Thank you in advance for using the affiliate links stating items used and/or recommended in the video I really appreciate it. A commission is paid to me for referring you that will not have any effect on the best pricing available. It helps support supplies used for DIY.

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Bird Seed Jars

Bird Suet Recipe along with directions

Bird Suet Recipe
Download PDF • 137KB

Cookie Jug One Gallon Plastic

Apothecary Blank Labels - Find many others on Pinterest and Google.


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