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Our Best Sellers

Custom Tea Blends

Detox Tea assist in purifying the system is one of the custom tea blends made specific for your needs.

First Aid Natural Made

Sore Muscle cream is top seller for over 15 yrs

Tea Tree Soap

Handmade Herbal Soaps like Tea Tree Soap can combat Poison Oak Poison Ivy treat psoriasis Eczema and jock itch too.

Loose Tea

Loose Tea Earl Grey Roobios Gun Powder Green Tea and more purchase by the ounce

Tea Tree Lotion

Remedies and Skin Treatments Tea Tree Lotion is first selected for psoriasis and poison oak/ivy

Wild Sweet Violet Eye Cream

Eye Cream made for nature with largest amount of Vitamin C found naturally. Combat aging simply. Making your own medicine is simple when you can find the herbs...

Handmade Goat Soap

Handmade Handpoured Goat Milk and Herbal Soaps custom made for natural care of the largest organ your skin. Heal inside by treating outside


Loose Tea

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