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Made from Natural Beeswax, Lanolin, and pure refine oils; customers actual call it the over-night face lift. This cream is very thick & rich and should only be used at night to allow the nutrients and treatment to be soaked up by the skin. It is highly recommended to be applied to the throat, under chin & cleavage too.

Because it is a heavy cream it is tacky to the touch but by morning your will be amazed by the radiant glow and youthful appearance. The best part; this cream contains NO RETINOL! Most face lifting products do and they work, but you have to use it forever to maintain the skin. Since Ultra Rich is made by God's wonderful beeswax, regular and occasional use work immediately every time!
Although this cream can be used on face and clevage it is suggested to avoid; sagging and stretching of throat, that begin to sag with age. Either choice use care in applying to prevent stretch and stressing the skin.

Ultra Rich Face Cream 2 oz Jar

SKU: 0034
  • 2oz jar cream (1 year supply)

    Ingredients: carrot seed oil, purified aloe vera, beeswax and special sweet wild violet formula.


    Available in 1 oz plastic jar too!

  • Due to FDA, handmade products can not be refunded. However, your satisfaction is important. Should you have an issue please contact me direct. Damaged product arriving due to shipping issues can be reimbursed. Contact me with information, you may also attached photos into an email inquiry to reference since these will be required to file a formal request to postal service insurance reimbursement department. Click Here to be redirect to the contact page for email address and customer service phone number information.

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