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A special selection of 7 herbs and special formula of essential oils are mixed and stored for 7 days before being brewed and triple filtered, then bottled.
7 Herb toner is a astringent that benefits the skin, remove blackheads, shrink pores. It doubles as an excellent wound, scratches and scrapes cleanser that does not burn and kills bacteria to protect the areas from potential infections. Unlike alcohol, it does not burn, so kids don't mind and it cools the area off it. Astringent tones the skin when used after cleansing and for men when used after shaving to cool the skin abrasions and prevent heat or occasional breakouts. It was designed for sensitive skin but all types can benefit.

Only sold in 4oz online due to short self life. All toners are made fresh prior to shipping. Should a larger size be desired, contact me direct from the "Contact Us" page.

7 Herb Face Toner 5 oz Bottle

SKU: 0033
  • 4oz bottle with loose liquid consistency of water. The toner is light brown in color due to herbs and will darken over time but does not affect its potency and should last up to 6 months. Dispose unused amount after 6 months since it may have lost its potency from evaporation and regular use.

  • Due to FDA, handmade products can not be refunded. However, your satisfaction is important. Should you have an issue please contact me direct. Damaged product arriving due to shipping issues can be reimbursed. Contact me with information, you may also attached photos into an email inquiry to reference since these will be required to file a formal request to postal service insurance reimbursement department. Click Here to be redirect to the contact page for email address and customer service phone number information.

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