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A unique cream made for shingles pain relief that has helped to relieve pain at first use and apply as often as needed to keep pain diminished. Relieve appearance within a few weeks when used regularly. This cream is not attractive in color due to the herbs and extracts infusion needed to make it, but it's effects works and last to get you through day to day work, play or activities. 
Double duty, this cream is good for arthritis pain, aches from inflammation and even bee stings too.

Topical Antiviral and Shingles Cream 2 oz

SKU: 0093
  • Doc Dandelion Natural First Aid Remedy 2oz jar listed as Topical Relief Cream that has the consistency of a jelled salve. Apply as often as needed, safe for all skin types.
    Designed all natural to a competitive product that sells for $32 for the same size jar that contains synthetics.

  • Due to FDA, handmade products can not be refunded. However, your satisfaction is important. Should you have an issue please contact me direct. Damaged product arriving due to shipping issues can be reimbursed. Contact me with information, you may also attached photos into an email inquiry to reference since these will be required to file a formal request to postal service insurance reimbursement department. Click Here to be redirect to the contact page for email address and customer service phone number information.

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