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Eczema Set is a gentler therapy for sensitive adults and children; those who have more sensitive skin. Although this treatment is slower, it is very effective at relieving and will not burn or harm broken skin and weeping areas that have been scratched. The Chamomile honey can be taken by the teaspoon full or added to hot water, administrated to protect immune system and minimize discomfort with intentions of easing itching and aid in a restful sleep. 

Due to dangers associated to honey being given to children ages 3 yrs and younger, this set is not recommended.
Please select TLC Set for ages 3yrs and under.

Eczema Treatment Set

SKU: 0056
  • 1- 2.75 oz Eczema Lotion Roll-up

    1- .75 oz Eczema Lotion Roll-up

    1- 3.75oz Sweet Oats/Honey Soap Bars

    1- Chamomile Infused Honey

    Please select TLC Eczema Treatment Set for children 3 years old and under.

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