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This salve is made with olive oil base that the skin is very willing to except and it applies with ease. Goldenseal is nature's antibiotic and Comfrey is know as a bone knit herb for it's healing ability. Use this salve on burns, open wounds, cuts, scrapes, bug bites or infected sores.

Comfrey and Goldenseal Salve 1 oz Tin

SKU: 0098
  • Doc Dandelion Natural First Aid Remedy 1 oz metal screw on lid that no first aid kit, camping pack, workshop, business or medicine cabinet should be without.
    Available in 1oz jar and 2oz jar too.

    I have used this on poisonous spider bites to draw the poison out and stop the dying of skin cells. Its been used to drawn external infected cysts and rapidly healed cuts from grafted skin. Please use this salve externally only and bear in mind that goldenseal heals from the inside out, so take care of the new skin it forms since it will be soft. Keep the area wrapped light enough to soak up weeping and protect from exposure to elements, but still allows the wound to breath

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