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This set is specifically designed to treat acne, blackheads and frequent breakouts. The soap can be used daily from head to toe, so if you breakout on the head, neck, back, chest, shoulders and face; simply bath with the soap. The soap alone is very moisturizing, cleansing and restorative. The mask, toner and lotion have their aids as well but should your teenager not be consistent in their regiment, its okay mom, the soap has them covered.
As all great mom's do, ask and remind them to use the other parts. The toner doubles as a wound healer, bug bite soother and mild skin astringent in case you need to feel a little fresher about the face or dad wants to avoid heat breakouts or soothe razor burns. The Tea Tree Lotion kills Poison Oak/Ivy, athletes foot, jock itch, Psoriasis and Eczema too.

Acne Treatment Set

SKU: 0069
  • 1 - Spearmint Goat Milk Soap
    1 - French Green Clay (2oz)
    1 - 7 Herb Toner (4oz) bottle
    1 - Tea Tree Lotion (4oz) bottle

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