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Garland is clipped and bundled together into 6pcs from 3ft long lengths to 6ft long lengths for use in crafting, wreath making and wrapping. Select for Wedding events to add in decating and decorating. Vines can range in various sizes from 3 ft to 6 ft into bundles making working easier. Grapevines are fresh gathered and left to preserve naturally. Should you need to reshape your vine once it arrives simply soaking dried vines in warm water in minimal time. Soak in warm water beginning 15 minutes, check to monitor for additional soaking time.

All Natures are wildcrafted while in season by hand and preserved naturally. The grapevines will be thicker than those purchased in the common market place therefore footage is estimated and you will receive no less than 6ft per length. Shorter lengths will be added to bundle to ensure you receive more than expected.

Grapevine Garland

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