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These herbs have the ability to simulate the immune cells in the bone marrow, increase the white blood cells, take down inflammation in the lungs, bronchial tubes, reduce spasms (coughing) and make the mucus expelling more effective while keeping the respiratory system in optimum tone. Asthma attacks are reduced and breathing becomes freed. They also allow the body to build up immunity to 
environmental impurities that commonly trigger asthma by keeping these foreign matters cleansed out of the system, including the blood, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and entire respiratory system. They open pores of skin for increased oxygen intake.

Important to sweeten heavy due to the strength of this blend to mask the earthy flavor, preferred as a warm tea. Comes in a Kraft coffee bag as loose herbs. 

A muslin tea bag or stainless steal mesh tea ball should be used and are available on the "Accessories" page.

Steep 10 mins and add a bit of honey and/or lemon slice to sweeten to taste.

8oz Volume - 4oz weight Kraft Coffee Bag

Asthma Allergy Blend Tea

SKU: 0087
  • Bagged loose Herbs of Marshmallow, Mullein, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, elder berries, elder flowers fennel seed, stevia.


    Steep 10 mins. sweeten with Dandelion's "Lavender Herbal Sweetener" on the "For Home" page or use your own sweeteners.

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