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Goat Milk Soaks smell absolutely incredible and the scent is Aromatherapy, but when you soak, this is called Hydrotherapy and is; to this day, one of the most effective methods to release toxins from the lymphatic (lymph nods) system.

Rid the body of toxins, release of tense muscles, relax the central nervous system and restore a sense of well being. If you can not manage a time to get a massage, soaking two times a week can be just as effective for relaxing you and helping your body to relieve stress and tension.

Note: This is why babies and children sleep so much better if they play hard and bath long.

Goat Milk Bath Soak 4 oz container

SKU: 0009
  • 1 ib of soak in a 8oz glass jar with handled screw lid and wooden scoop. Instructions are simple, run a tub of hot water, put two to four scoops in under the faucet to dissolve and soak.
    Several Scents & Herbal combinations to select from:
    Stargazer Lily contains: Sage, Sweet Marjoram, Basil, Sea Salt and Oatmeal (Energizing)
    Sweet Marjoram Basil contains: Oatmeal Sea Salt (Restoring)
    Bay Sandalwood contains: Oatmeal Sea Salt (Calming)
    Rosemary Mint contains: Oatmeal Sea Salt (Revitalizing)
    Lavender Bloom contains: Oatmeal Sea Salt (Relaxing)
    Chamomile contains: Oatmeal Sea Salt (Tense/Pain Relief)

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